Energy optimisation and complex plants for exhaust- and ventilation

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NTEK is your counselling project partner within energy optimisation, as well as complex exhaust- and ventilation

Energy optimisation

– Counselling and guidance.
– Production optimisation.
– Screening/mapping of usage.
– Energy audit.
– Food/foodstuff/pharmaceuticals.

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Ventilation and Exhaust ventilation

– Counselling and solution suggestions/resolution.
– Food/Foodstuff/Pharmaceuticals.
– Industrial ventilation.
– Current environment- and work environment regulations.

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– Counselling and guidance.
– Security components.
– Problem suggestion ATEX environment.
– Preparation of ATEX APV-CE approvals.
– Food/Foodstuff/pharmaceuticals.

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Hazardous Waste

– Exhaust of hazardous vapours.
– Spill oil handling.
– Recycling centres.
– Handling of hazardous waste.
– Health hazardous asbestos waste.

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What can NTEK do for your company?


  • Do you have a need for better ventilation and more effective exhaust ventilation in your company?
  • Are you interested in energy optimisation, that can reduce the collected energy expenses?
  • Do you have a need for counselling regarding correct handling of hazardous waste and the correct design of chemical waste rooms?
  • Are you in doubt regarding how to handle exhaust ventilation in a room with gas, vapours or explosive dangerous dust (ATEX)?


You are welcome to contact us for counselling and to get an answer on your questions. At NTEK we are experts when it comes to energy, ventilation, ATEX, and chemical/hazardous waste.

If you choose us as your project partner, we always start with an extensive screening, so that we ensure that we have been everywhere regarding the project, and that the solution is made on a documented foundation. When we deliver a solution, things have been thought over. We are aware that the solution needs to work in practise. And we make sure that your company are up to date with the current regulations regarding environment and work environment.

Who is NTEK?


Supplier of complex exhaust- and ventilation solutions as well as energy optimisation
NTEK ApS is a counselling project company. We see it as our mission to help industrial companies with documented, grounded, and competent solutions within ventilation. Furthermore, we are specialist within energy optimisation projects.

We see our customers as collaboration partners. And when we put our competences together, we can deliver the right energy project, documented and well-functioning solution to the whole of the Danish industry.

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